About us


Sarl HB Béton is a company specializing in ready-mixed concrete (BPE), located in the town of ROUIBA along the expressway leading to the capital. BPE is prepared in fixed facilities and transported to the place of use by mixer trucks. To do this, HB Béton sarl has equipped itself with recent and efficient equipment, namely:

- A MEKKA brand plant (Turkish), with a capacity of 60m3/hour automatic capacity with 3 silos of 100 tonnes each allowing a large autonomy was installed in the industrial zone of Rouiba, we also put the number of mixer trucks necessary (different capacities) for each type of concreting depending on the quantity, distance and other parameters.

- Construction site concrete, manufactured on site in an ORU (Italian) brand concrete plant with a capacity of 90m3/hour, 05 screens and 03 silos of 240 tonnes.